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Prof. Dr. med. He published 89 peer-revied papers, 6 book chapters, and 51 proceedings papers (together 10 070 citations, h= 42 according to Google Scholar, or 6045 citations, h = 35 according to ISI Web of knowledge, respectively). Prof. Vogl collaborates with an experienced, highly qualified team of specialists, consultants and scientists. This involves a medical application of ultrasound whereby the tissue is heated and destroyed via targeted bundling of sound waves. Prof. Dr. Alexander Ludwig. F: +49 69 6301 7258. Name: Raum: Telefon 069/798-eMail : AG Leitung : Prof. Dr. Alexander Vogel: 3.225: 40225: : Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter*innen: Since 2018, the University Hospital Frankfurt under the direction of Prof. Vogl and his colleague Prof. Ingo Marzi (Director of the Clinic for Trauma, Hand and Reconstructive Surgery) has been an official cooperation partner of the German Football Association (DFB). For the director of the Institute for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology at the University Hospital in Frankfurt, this closes a circle: Patient care is always at the top of Prof. Vogl's list of priorities, from treatment planning to aftercare. Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. - Bone tumours Prof. Dr. Joachim Vogel: Professor für Strafrecht und Strafprozessrecht Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen: Adresse: Juristische Fakultät Today the old town is a tourist magnet that repeatedly attracts visitors from all over the world. The clear imaging also prevents additional injuries and reduces risks to a minimum. Prof. Dr. Gillian Queisser : 798 25282: 201 : Gillian.Queisser ... Markus Breit: 798 25286: 205 : Markus.Breit ... Pascal Gottmann: 798 25226 Prof. Dr. Berthold Vogel ist geschäftsführender Direktor des Soziologischen Forschungsinstituts Göttingen (SOFI) an der Georg-August-Universität. J.W. Sprechzeiten und Kontakt-Infos in der Arztsuche der Arzt-Auskunft. Virtual endoscopy, - Liver tumours Always important: interdisciplinary professional information exchange. Name: Raum: Telefon 069/798-eMail : AG Leitung : Prof. Dr. Alexander Vogel: 3.225: 40225: : Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter*innen: Sekretariat: Kontakt und Öffnungszeiten - Oncological interventions Die Öffnungszeiten bzw. Geschäftsführer Dr. Thomas Vogel Lebenslauf Publikationen Lebenslauf Publikationen Villa Rothschild Kempinski, Königstein im Taunus. Department. Please refer to the Data Protection Statements available here for the information required for the management of your personal data. Uta Halwas-Bruckner Office of Prof. Dr. Michael Hommel Goethe-University Frankfurt Room RuW 3.230 Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz 4 60629 Frankfurt am Main Agent CS creates space so that you can concentrate on your most important tasks - an innovative service agency which uses existing networks in a wide variety of areas to provide you with a solution customised for you. 15 | 60438 Frankfurt/Main | Germany | tanja.schuler(at) | Tel +49 (0)69 798-42504 | Impressum Datenschutztanja.schuler(at) | Tel +49 (0)69 798-42504 | Impressum Datenschutz Alexander Lucas Vogel, Prof. Dr. (tenure track) Adresse: Institut für Atmosphäre und Umwelt, Altenhöferallee 1,. Prof. Dr. Rose Vogel Robert-Mayer-Str. Diese Seite wird nur mit JavaScript korrekt dargestellt. Anschließend trat er in die Geschäftsleitung der Druckereien der Bertelsmann AG ein (1970). - Lung tumours Institut für Hygiene und Mikrobiologie. The system makes this possible in a particularly fascinating way. Institute of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology AG Atmospheric Environmental Analytics . At PRIMO MEDICO, you will only find reputable medical authorities who were selected according to strict guidelines. Cardiac MRT, - Computer tomography diagnostics Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main FIERCE Altenhöferallee 1 60438 Frankfurt am Main. As head of the Institute for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Ludwig, Alexander . Sie betreut seit mehr als 20 Jahren nationale und internationale Unternehmen in der Abschlussprüfung und zu Fragen der Rechnungslegung. As a result, a more certain, more precise and more rapid diagnosis can be delivered. Prof. Dr. Bernhard Jussen Historisches Seminar Goethe-Universität Norbert Wollheim-Platz 1 60629 Frankfurt. The system makes this possible in a particularly fascinating way. In addition, the university hospital is one of the first centers worldwide to have a 3D camera on a computer tomography device. PRIMO MEDICO is an accredited partner of Lufthansa Health & Medical. In particular, the angiography robot that Professor Vogl and his team helped to develop means hope for many cancer patients. This synergy relieves the pressure for the doctor and thus also for the doctor / patient relationship. Thomas Vogl is also in great demand as a professional adviser for scientific publications. - Bony lesions Tel. 60590 Frankfurt am Main, J.W. Molecular MRZ Wheather a classic game or Vegas flair at the slot machines. Altenhöferallee 1, Goethe-University Frankfurt, 60438 Frankfurt, Germany On the one hand, he relies on the best communication within the team of radiological assistants and specialists, and on the other that all employees benefit from the expertise from other fields. - Orthopaedic interventions Hoffnung für Krebs-Patienten verspricht ein neuer Roboter an der Uniklinik der Goethe-Universität – dank Röntgenbildern in bisher nicht gekannter Auflösung, mit denen sich sogar kleinste Metastasen entdecken und gezielt bestrahlen lassen. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are examples of the future-oriented research that Prof. Vogl and his team are intensively pursuing. Prof. Dr. Tanja Vogel Institute of Anatomy and Cell Biology Department of Molecular Embryology Head of Department (temporary) Phone: 0049-761-203-5086 Thomas Vogl is always interested in professional exchange - also interdisciplinary. Ullrich Vogel aus 60313 Frankfurt am Main finden Sie oben rechts unter dem Punkt "Öffnungszeiten". Transarterial regional chemoperfusion (TACP) and transarterial chemoembolization (TACE), Thermal ablation of tumors using techniques like laser-induced thermotherapy (LITT), radiofrequency and microwave ablation, Mammography, ultrasound mammography, breast MRI, Ozone therapy in cases of herniated vertebral disks, Selective internal radiotherapy with SIR-spheres, Transarterial percutaneous chemoembolization (TACE), Transjugular intrahepatic porto-systemic stent-shunt, Single photon emission computed tomography, Languages spoken: English, Russian, Persian, Arabic. It boasts a view far beyond the historical castle of Kronberg and offers patients who require appropriate medical treatment a place of rest and relaxation. The institute also has one of the first HIFU devices in the whole of Germany: This highly intensely focused ultrasound heats up inoperable tumors by bundling sound waves - and specifically destroys the respective tissue. - Kidney tumours, - MRT techniques: For this purpose, he uses international contacts in order, for example, to improve the treatment of hepatic tumours. With over 110 designer boutiques, Wertheim Village offers reductions of up to 60% compared to the previously recommended retail price. A revelation of burlesque elegance in the heart of the buzzing metropolis of Frankfurt. Institute for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Studies in human medicine at the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich, Studies at the Hebrew University School of Medicine, Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem (Director: Prof. Biran), Co-assistant at the Anatomical Institute of the University of Munich (Director: Prof. Frick), Doctorate (Dr. (. - Uterine fibroids Benefit as a member or user of PRIMO MEDICO from special terms that provide you and your travelling companion with discounts on a variety of fares offered by Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian and Brussels Airlines. Medical Director of the University Hospital, Frankfurt, Spokesman for the Frankfurt Hospital Alliance; Guidelines Commissioner of the German Radiology Society, Oncological interventions (cancer treatment). Wertheim Village, a special kind of luxury outlet, is nestled in the picturesque vineyards of Franconia. Siegfried Vogel, Facharzt für Neurochirurgie. Experience magical moments: With the highest visitor numbers and payout rates, the Wiesbaden Casino is number one at the Rhine-Main region. 6-8 Raum 10 60325 Frankfurt am Main Tel: 069/798-28694 Fax: 069/798-25195 E-Mail Robot-based angiography: optimized intervention procedures. die Öffnungszeiten von Herrn Dr. med. Ludwig, Alexander. - MR-controlled biopsy of the prostate, We are currently equipped with a state of the art computer tomograph (CT-FORCE), in addition to the Sliding-Gantry mobile computer tomograph. Dominik Vogel erhielt 2017 für seine Dissertation den kommunalwissenschaftlichen Preis der Carl und Anneliese Goerdeler-Stiftung und 2014 gemeinsam mit Prof. Dr. Alexander Kroll (Florida International University) den Carlo Masini Award for Innovative Scholarship der Public und Nonprofit Division der Academy of Management (AoM) für den Konferenzbeitrag „Prosocial … His highly regarded work in the field of interventional oncology and vascular procedures has earned him an international reputation. Possible applications are for inoperable pancreatic tumours, liver tumours, uterine fibroids, adenomyosis of the uterus, bone tumours, fibroadenomas of the breast, breast cancer, and renal tumours. Lieber Herr Prof. Dr. Vogel, sehr euphorisiert bin ich gestern Abend nach der ersten Embolisations-Sitzung wieder nach Hause gefahren mit einem tiefen Gefühl der Genugtuung, in einer für mich sehr bedeutsamen Providing radiological care at the highest scientific level is a major concern of Prof. Vogl. Josef-Schneider-Straße 2 / E1 97080 Würzburg. - Cutting edge CT technology (the world’s only Somatom Definition AS Sliding mobile computer tomograph; the world’s most state of the art high-end CT), Radiology Consultant at the Radiology Clinic of the University of Munich, Acquired technical qualification in nuclear medicine, Acquired technical qualification in “Nuclear Medical in vitro diagnostics”, Appointed as Senior Consultant of the Radiology Clinic and Polyclinic of the Free University, Berlin, Rudolf Virchow University Hospital (Director: Prof. R. Felix), Appointed as C3 Professor of General Radiology by the Free University, Berlin, Appointed as a Radiologist by the Berlin Medical Association, Qualification for the title “Specialist in Diagnostic Radiology”, Appointed as a Specialist in Neuroradiology, Offered appointment as C4 Professor of Diagnostic Radiology, Goethe University, Frankfurt, Director of the Institute of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology at the University Hospital, Frankfurt, Collaboration with the Friedrichsheim Orthopaedic Clinic Foundation of the University of Frankfurt: Head of Radiology, Asst. For acute diseases, please call a physician at your current location directly. A place that inspires the imagination and stimulates creativity. His work centres on the early recognition of conditions, as well as the field of interventional cancer therapy (oncology). Zusammenfassung des Skripts (klausurrelevanter Stoff) im Teilmodul Bilanzanalyse (Bilanzen & Steuern) WS14, FOM Frankfurt bei Prof. Dr. Jochen Vogel The Villa Rothschild Kempinski is a historical 5-star hotel not far from Frankfurt am Main. When it comes to diagnostic and interventional radiology, there is one outstanding specialist in German-speaking countries: Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. - Adenomyosis of the uterus For example, he and his team have made decisive progress with the development of an angiography robot. Spinal column Vogel is fellow of the Optical Society (OSA) and of SPIE. Whether it is his books and professional articles, his research in a wide variety of scientific fields or his successes in tumor treatment, for example - several scientific awards prove his expertise. Vita. Thomas Vogl regularly uses his angiography robot in interventions at the Frankfurt University Hospital. As Director of the Institute for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology of the University Hospital Frankfurt and as Professor for X-ray Diagnostics of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. In addition to the productive exchange of experience with numerous institutions and specialists, additional training on an international level also plays a role in maintaining the quality of medical care at the highest level. Prof. Thomas J. Vogl is a specialist radiologist and Head of the Institute of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology of the University Hospital, Frankfurt. Univ-Prof Dr Dr Thomas J. Vogl Virtual colonography Prof. Thomas J. Vogl is a specialist radiologist and Head of the Institute of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology of the University Hospital, Frankfurt. Thomas J. Vogl ist Spezialist für Radiologie und Leiter des Instituts für Diagnostische und Interventionelle Radiologie des Universitätsklinikums Frankfurt. Goethe University Hospital Frankfurt/Main, Theodor-Stern-Kai 7 with the dissertation “Determination of the Mineral Salt Content in the Peripheral Skeleton with the aid of the 125 Iodine Gamma Ray Absorption in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus”, with “magna cum laude”, Assistant Physician at the Radiology Clinic of the University of Munich (Director: Prof. J. Lissner), Research visit at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston (Director: Prof. Juan Taveras), Accepted as a Specialist Radiologist with technical qualification in radiotherapy. 60590 Frankfurt am Main. - Pancreatic cancer (pancreatic tumours) Multparametric MRT (prostate, breast) Frankfurt is one of the most important financial centres in Germany and Europe. : ++49 931-31-46802 Fax: ++49 931 201 60 46918. Wolfgang Vogel, Akademischer Oberrat / Stellvertretender Institutsleiter, Optikgruppe, Institut für Elektrische und … The Falkenstein Grand Kempinski is a 5-star-superior hotel not far from the pulsating Main metropolis in the heart of the Taunus. You can look forward to an unforgettable evening. Hausanschrift: Norbert Wollheim-Platz 1 60629 Frankfurt Q4, 4. Brain Whole body MRT This upgrade, which is based on artificial intelligence methods, enables the use of a lower X-ray dose, better image quality and faster examination procedures. For this purpose, a close collaboration within the team for an exchange of experience is fostered, as well as treatment planning involving the patient, in which the patient is involved as much as possible in the treatment steps by means of explanation and clarification. In the field of ultrasound diagnostics, Prof. Vogl’s team works with the latest generation of sonography equipment, the frequency range of which enables adjustment to particular parts of the body and particular objectives. In implementing the "DFB Academy" project, Prof. Vogl and his staff focus on medical care for professional athletes as well as research, studies and further training. Falkenstein Grand Kempinski, Königstein im Taunus. Er unterrichtet Soziologie an den Universitäten Kassel und St. Gallen. OG, Raum 4.415. Everyone in the team knows this: in specialist areas such as radiotherapy and nuclear medicine, quality control is particularly important. Alexander Lucas Vogel, Prof. Dr. (tenure track) Address: Institute of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences. med.) Β© 2010 BMLS Buchmann Institute for Molecular Life Sciences | Goethe University Frankfurt | Max von Laue Str. I am over 16 years of age. Mail:ulrich.vogel(at) Mail:vogel_u(at) Publications Bitte schalten Sie JavaScript in Ihrem Browser ein! Research Assistant, HU Berlin (Chair of Prof. Dr. Bernd Heinrich) WiSe 2013/2014 Substitute Professor of Law, LMU Munich (Chair of Prof. Dr. Vogel) SoSe 2014 Substitute Pofessor of Criminal Law, LMU Munich (Chair of Prof. Dr. Vogel) WiSe 2014/2015 I give my consent for Deutscher Verlag fuer Gesundheitsinformation GmbH to collect, process and make use of my personal data, in particular, my health data, in connection with the Leading Medicine Guide and to forward this data to the physician selected by me for the purposes of advice or treatment. Dies ist die Uni-Website von Prof. Dr. Ralf Vogel, Professor für Germanistische Linguistik an der Fakultät für Linguistik und Literaturwissenschaft (Uni Bielefeld). UPLOAD DIAGNOSES AND FINDINGS (max. Applied Econometrics and International Economic Policy; ... Vogel, Edgar. With its skyscrapers unique in Europe, Frankfurt rises above the Main on an area of ​​approximately 243 square kilometres and at its centre accommodates about 700.000 inhabitants. It is surrounded by a 6-ha park and a breath-taking skyline view of Frankfurt. : +49 69 798 40225 Researcher ID: A-1772 … PRIMO MEDICO only forwards the data made available by you to the medical specialists, no entitlement to medical treatment arises from our service. Experience, innovative treatment techniques or reputation in science and research play an important role here. Nach nunmehr 9-jähriger Firmenzugehörigkeit verabschieden wir zum 30.09.2019 Prof. Dr. med. Built in 1909 by order of Emperor Wilhelm II, the historical villa-complex featuring 112 rooms, suites, apartments, and a penthouse offers patients the necessary peace of mind, perfect comfort, service, and culinary delights. Verwenden Sie dafür bitte STRG + und STRG-.Mit STRG 0 gelangen Sie wieder zur Ausgangsgröße. Further information can be found on the pages of the Institute for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, the Prostata MRT Diagnostic Centre, PROMPT, and the Breast Diagnostic Centre, MAMMOM, of the University Hospital of Frankfurt. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, 60438 Frankfurt, Germany. Cardiac CT Thomas Vogl is well known among experts as the author of standard works and trend-setting publications as well as the developer of new procedures. Telefon: 069/798-32427 Telefax: 069/798-32425. His patients thus have the opportunity to follow the surgery while fully conscious. E-Mail: Tel. habil. For example, the team works with sonography equipment whose frequency ranges can be adapted to specific tasks - for the best results in ultrasound diagnostics. This is the main advantage of this fascinating innovation: Small metastases, which are otherwise difficult to detect, can be clearly identified - and can then be directly bombarded with an active substance using a small catheter. - Liver tumours 10/2013 – 09/2017: PhD Thesis, Goethe-University Frankfurt/ Main, Germany Topic: Experimental population genomics of local climate adaptation Title: “Mechanismen der genomischen Populationsdivergenz in Chironomus riparius entlang eines Klimagradienten”, degree: summa cum laude Supervision: Prof. Dr. Markus Pfenninger, Molecular Ecology Group, Senckenberg … Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft bescheinigt exzellente Qualität in der Behandlung von Prostata- und Nierenkarzinomen im Universitären Centrum für Tumorerkrankungen (UCT) Frankfurt 03 Sep 2020 Prof. Dr. Thomas J. Vogl ist Kongresspräsident des 102. Theodor-Stern-Kai 7, D-60590 Frankfurt, T: +49 69 9893 9018 Die Chirurgische Praxis finden Sie unter folgender Adresse in Innenstadt Brönnerstraße 15 60313 Frankfurt am Main . Die Sprechzeiten bzw. - Fibroadenomas of the breast Goethe University Hospital Frankfurt/Main Thomas Vogl has extensive experience in his special fields. Enjoy the stylish ambience and the thrills. Prof. Vogl collaborates with an experienced, highly qualified team of specialists, consultants and scientists. His memberships in international associations, committees and institutions also attest to this. Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. He holds 11 patents and has filed another 5 patent applications. The historic old town, however, is preserved, just as its culturally important role in Europe. Prof. Vogel (*1941) studierte Maschinenbau in Darmstadt und promovierte zum Dr.-Ing. - Therapeutic vascular interventions 5 MB), Preferred Date Sprechzeiten: Mittwoch 15-16 Uhr Raum 108 Fürstengraben 6 07743 Jena Google Maps – Lageplan Zu Friedolin Vita. - the medical experts. Theodor-Stern-Kai 7 Frankfurt was officially mentioned for the first time in 794 and played a decisive role during the imperial age. Together with a first-class staff structure, the Institute of Prof. Vogl and his team is equipped with cutting-edge technology, with, to an extent, equipment which is unique worldwide, such as the “Somatom Definition AS Sliding” mobile computer tomograph, which simplifies the examination for the doctor and for the patient and considerably reduces the risk of additional injuries due to repositioning the patient. Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Prof. Vogl owes his reputation to many aspects. Thomas Vogl regularly uses his angiography robot in interventions at the Frankfurt University Hospital. Director, University Hospital, Frankfurt Dr. Dietmar Vogel Tel: (069) 57 10 05 E-Mail: Website: Auf dem Lageplan anzeigen Prof. Vogl has been awarded several scientific prizes in radiology, is an office-holder and member of numerous scientific organisations and organisations, as well as a member of the scientific advisory committee of numerous specialist journals. His research resulted in worldwide optimization of procedures and surgical methods. The doctors in the team do not bear the peak loads alone, but these are absorbed thanks to the team structure. Joint diagnostics - Breast cancer Mitarbeitenden-Profil : Dr.-Ing. Much of the city was destroyed by bombing in World War II by the Allies. Kirsten Gräbner-Vogel ist Partnerin bei Deloitte und leitet den Bereich Wirtschaftsprüfung am Standort Frankfurt. All current criteria of radiation safety are observed precisely and conscientiously - for the protection of patients as well as for the benefit of his highly qualified team. Completion of doctorate with bestowal of Dr. med. Theodor-Stern-Kai 7, D-60590 Frankfurt, Debusweg 6-18, Königstein im Taunus, 61462 Frankfurt, Im Rothschildpark 1, 61462 Frankfurt, Germany. Professional Aviation Solutions is a young, motivated team of experienced aircraft charter experts, which collaborates with only the most reputable airlines.

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