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Safaris, Uganda Lesen Sie diesen Ratgeber und informieren Sie sich über ihre perfekte Safari! Anyone who is familiar with “Africa time” will understand that there are several meanings to the word now. Daneben gibt es noch den Game Drive, bei dem die Natur aus dem Auto heraus erkundet wird. Mit diesen Tipps wird dein Urlaub in Afrika günstiger, als du erwarten würdest. Not all ATMs in Africa will accept every credit card type. Something around 200mm plus should do the job. A number of hotels have international wall sockets which will take an array of both two-prong and three-prong plugs. Zahlreiche Naturvölker leben nach wie vor in den unendlichen Weiten Afrikas. Take at least US$150 to $250 per person/per week in cash from home. However, get ready for lens envy while on safari because some take photography pretty seriously. I know African safaris are expensive and you probably don’t want to dish out more cash after dropping so much on the holiday itself, but it is important to budget for tips. Check out our guide to a camera for safari. Your personal safety and security is mostly a matter of common sense. Although you’re going to get closer to the African animals than ever before to really capture them on camera requires a telephoto lens. Tours, Malawi It is our pleasure to assist you with your safari plans. Brian is an award winning travel writer, author of safari books and regular contributor to magazines such as BBC Wildlife and Travel Africa. As a starting point, here are some African safari photography tips, including equipment to use, the best camera set up, best lenses and night In this post, we share our best African safari tips. Südafrika! M (South African plug)  :  Three-prong round (large). Namibia  :  D & M You can’t control the movements of the animals, the weather, the other tourists, or your See our full review here! A number of safari operators are making sterilized water bottles (mostly stainless steel) available for you to fill with purified water at their camps and lodges. SafariBookings is the largest online marketplace for African safari tours. There is normally no restriction on the amount of foreign currency that may be imported. Wir waren auf zahlreichen Safaris in Südafrika und wir haben beides gemacht – Safari … It is an old trick to switch bundles and for you to later discover that the new bundle is mostly newspaper. When to Go and Avoid, 41 Awesome Safari Animals and Where to Find Them. Avoid exorbitant international roaming charges! World Nomads provides good short term coverage. Some camps run their generator at certain times of the day – so be sure to check with the manager when you arrive. Once counted, be sure not to let the pile out of your sight. Safari clothes are purpose built and made to be comfortable, blend in with the environment, and hold up to the elements of the African bush. The morning typically involves waking up at the crack of dawn and having coffee on the go. Shared tour (max 6 people per vehicle)BudgetTented Camp & Hotel, You Visit: Arusha (Start), Tarangire NP, Serengeti NP, Central Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara NP, Arusha (End). I remember when we first landed in Africa and we just simply went to what we…, It is undeniable that the Masai Mara is one of the most well-known parks in Africa. We live in such a digital and connected world nowadays I actually enjoy being in the bush and knowing that I cannot get on the internet to check things. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. As soon as you confirm your travel plans, take out travel insurance. Malawi  :  G We recommend you pick up a decent pair that will last longer than one trip. They will then contact the lodges and help you through booking your safari. A guide is up before you are and goes to bed after you do. Ask about this when you are there and visit the school, clinic or project if you can. Credit cards in Africa carry attract a surcharge - up to 5% in some cases, and possibly more! Such purchases will trigger the suspension of your card and leave you with the embarrassing consequences. 1. Better to use WiFi than your mobile phone. G (UK plug)  :  Three-prong rectangular It’s something you’re going to have to learn to live with in Africa. This one shouldn’t be too hard, but you’ll need to go to bed early on safari since you’ll be rising at the crack of dawn. A donation to something you have seen on the ground will bring you more satisfaction (and directly help the neediest). We find that the curiosity brings the passion out of our guides and enhances our whole game drive experience. Yes, that’s right we’ve become those people… Birders. Reisen in afrikanische Ländern sind oft teuer, besonders wenn man auf Safari in die bekannten Nationalparks gehen möchte. Want to know what some of the best wildlife photographers use? Copyright © 2021 SafariBookings. It is best to seek an appropriate opportunity while you are traveling, rather than carry along gifts from home. Many of the safari animals are dangerous and it doesn’t matter if you’re in a truck if an elephant decides to charge. Haben schonmal in nem Reisebüro angefragt und da haben wir n sehr nettes Angebot für 13.000,-€ pro Person für Namibia bekommen also ich denke da is klar dass das zu teuer ist Tip voor de ultieme Afrika safari: Tanzania is uitgeroepen tot het beste safariland van Afrika, bekijk hier de mooiste Tanzania safari’s. Doch wer glaubt das ist alles, was der zweit größte Kontinent der Welt zu bieten hat, irrt gewaltig. Travelers cheques (checks) are not widely accepted in African countries (i.e. Thank you so much for your helpful information! Many safari lodges are quite literally in the middle of absolutely nowhere, meaning there is no WiFi. Es sind dies Tanzanian Pioneers und Fortes Car Hire. The safari guest learns more and develops a better understanding of African wildlife and what they are seeing. Safari in Afrika: Checkliste und Tipps für Ihre Planung “Die Wüste kennt keine Gnade!“ Diesen Spruch kennen alle und wer eine Safari in Afrika… Afrika-Reisen 6. Afrika Reise I Namibia Reise I Südafrika Reise I Uganda Reise I Uganda Gorilla Trekking I Kenia Urlaub I Tansania Reise I Afrika Safari I # Cameron Seagle is one of the principal writers and photographers for The World Pursuit. Even if you do not book with us we do hope you will visit Africa. That's why we want to equip you with some of our tried and true Safari Travel Tips. Not only is it fun to don the safari get up, but those green and khaki clothes actually serve a practical purpose too. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Safari is Swahili for “journey”, and that’s just what you’ll be on. Contact lens wearers should bring eye drops and eyeglasses, to avoid eye irritation. I’ll never forget the day, I was burned so bad that I had blisters on my face. So, when you’re on safari it’s best to put the technology away and enjoy the now-now. On the downside, credit card companies do not offer the best exchange rates going around and will often add a foreign transaction fee for good measure! Take antimalarial medicine if you are a worrier. This is an initiative that you should adopt wherever possible as this will have a significant and positive environmental impact. Tipping a guide and other lodge staff is like tipping your server at a restaurant in the US. Tanzania  :  D & G Was man auf einer Selbstfahrer Safari in Afrika beachten sollte Immer auf befestigten Straßen bleiben (die auch Schotterstraßen sein können). Bring USD or the local currency (USD is preferred) for tips as many lodges won’t have a credit card machine. Don’t rely on ATMs as your main source of cash while on safari! Evening game drives are our favorite since they leave in the afternoon and end with a cold gin and tonic. 10 Travel Tips When Going on an African Safari. However, many safari companies will have a booklet or send you a pre checklist PDF with all of this information and what is standard at their lodges. Private tourLuxuryLodge & Tented Camp, You Visit: Arusha (Start), Tarangire NP, Lake Manyara NP, Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti NP, Arusha (End), $3,035 Those of you from North America must bring an adapter for the proper plug configuration and a converter. Please note: Not all conventional communication options (phone, fax, internet and email) are available at the more remote safari camps (and mobile camps particularly). Generally speaking, communications in Africa are not what you are accustomed to at home but mobile (cell) phone coverage (and even Wi-Fi) is certainly  more widespread throughout Africa – although not in some of the more remote safari destinations (thankfully). If you’re doing some bush walks we recommend packing a good pair of safari boots to wear. Bring a small medical kit with some basic needs for emergencies. Use an ATM at a bank, so if your card is retained for any reason, you can go in and get it back. Dies sollte man am Vortag immer bekanntgeben, damit der Fahrer dies auch für Sie organisieren kann. Keep it out of sight or stowed in your camera bag or knapsack (which should remain in sight at all times). Since most of us do not have the eyes of an eagle we’d say a pair of binoculars is crucial. Be sure to ask about any surcharges before you hand over your credit card. We use to make fun of them. Select a policy that covers cancellation, medical illness, emergency evacuation and associated  hospital treatments. We are not your doctor, but we recommend taking doxycycline. Where to Have the Absolute Best Safari in Africa? Electricity in Africa is all 220 -240V/50Hz AC, as is much of Europe, the UK, Australia and New Zealand and virtually all the Asian countries and India. There are thousands of variations of birds and species. Easily compare offers from 3,493 specialized tour operators. Safari tips Often the best way to learn more about safaris is from people who have been. Tours, Namibia Check with your Africa Travel Specialist before you leave home about which camps/lodges have WiFi. Private tourLuxuryLodge & Hotel, You Visit: Arusha (Start), Tarangire NP, Serengeti NP, Ngorongoro Highlands, Ngorongoro Crater, Arusha (End), $1,730 Weiss wird zu schnell schmutzig und dunkle Farben wie Schwarz, Dunkelblau etc. Some are physically beautiful, some have splendid calls, and others are just fascinating like the picture below. We have periodically taken it, but due to the amount of time we have spent in Africa we have chosen to avoid long term doses of the antimalarial medicines and use the mosquito avoidance strategy. It makes sense to carry more than one brand of credit card as not all types are accepted by all outlets/hotels. Wollen Sie mit? ziehen verstärkt Moskitos an. Nana is a travel writer and author of multiple guidebooks, including the Lonely Planet guides to Africa, Zambia & Malawi and South Africa. In this blog, we share our favourite safari spots in southern and eastern Africa with you. On this site, readers will find our experiences, gear reviews, photography, tips, and informative travel guides. pp (USD), Tanzania: This one covers a lot, but you are spending a lot of time in the bush and a lot of time sitting. A rather fun idea is to gift a football (soccer ball). We’ll never forget our first safari in Africa. Afrika Safari Tipps Pinto Africa`s drei Safari Geheimtipps Gonarezhou National Park – Simbabwe Safaris in Simbabwe sind wieder in aller Munde und das zurecht. Take water purification tablets for emergency use if you think bottled water will not be available. Neben dem Menschen spielen auch die exotischen Tiere, wie Elefant, Lö… Hier liegt die Wiege der Menschheit. This is a common dilemma for most visitors to any foreign country! Eine Safari in Afrika ist der Traum sehr vieler Menschen, da bei dieser exotische Tiere und atemberaubende Landschaften erlebt werden können. Solltest du zum ersten Mal eine Reise nach Afrika in Betracht ziehen, empfehle ich dir mindestens ein Viertel Jahr im Voraus zu planen, da es auch medizinisch ein bisschen was zu beachten gilt. Watch out for the skins of fruits and veggies, avoid large quantities of meat, and avoid spicy food and check where ice is coming from. Die Kombination aus dramatischen Landschaften und spannenden Tierbeobachtungen in echten Wildnisgebieten mit Top-Guides machen Simbabwe zu einem der Top-Safariziele. bewährt. Tours, Kenya 12 African Safari Tips for First Timers - The World Pursuit One of our favorite birds who hangs our around rivers and lakes in search of its next meal. Lock them up in the room safe or hand them in to management. Swaziland  :  M Neem een (goede) camera mee als je op safari in Afrika gaat Laten we met de meest voor de hand liggende tip beginnen. We love getting to off-the-beaten-path destinations and aren’t afraid to go it alone. A Travel Tip before you leave home: check with your service provider that your phone is registered for international roaming (and check that the phone you have is compatible with the networks in Africa. Private safari guide - US$25 and upwards per day; We certainly hope that this article has been helpful. Tagsüber ist das Licht zu direkt und hart und löscht Farben und Kontraste vollkommen heraus. Africans love soccer yet not all the children have a ball with which to play. So take the same precautions while travelling in Africa on safari that you would in any major city at home: Carry a combination of cash (preferably US$ for most countries…and Rand for South Africa) and at least one credit card. And do not let your card out of your sight when paying your bill. Home » Destinations » Africa » Safari » 12 African Safari Tips for First Timers. Rwanda  :  C So, what all have we learned from our first safari experiences? AW: Afrika Safari Tipps Danke erstmal, ja das mit dem Reisebüro ist klar allerdings wollte ich jetzt erstmal versuchen Geheimtipps und kostengünstigere Angebote zu finden. For more information, go to: www.footballs4fun.co.uk/. By browsing through this site you agree to our use of cookies. To avoid problems, do not exchange too much money into local currency at any one time. One of our favorite activities we’ve learned about on safari is birding. Der Krüger Nationalpark, der Addo Elephant Park oder der Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park – das sind nur ein paar Beispiele für die Parks, die du einfach selbst besuchen kannst. Animals are most active in the morning and evening, as the mid-day is too hot for them to be moving around. Cover up at night, wear insect repellant, use a mosquito net, and be aware of surroundings. It’s not mandatory, but is almost expected and appreciated. Kenya  :  G In fact, while elephants may be some of the most incredible animals on this planet, they’re also immensely dangerous and a member of the big five animals. This is so that their credit card monitoring systems do not suspend your card when they detect any unusual purchases. For more information or to book a safari tour, Contact Us. There is “now,” “just now,” and “now now.” “Now” could mean anywhere from five minutes to two months later. North America and Japan use Type A & B plugs, and Australia a Type I plug . Ein guter Führer / Fahrer ist der wichtigste Faktor einer gelungenen Traumsafari. Nie den Weg verlassen. Kein Wunder, dass viele Touristen den Wurzeln des Menschen in Afrika ganz nah kommen wollen. Getting ready to go on your first African safari? Guidelines: Tip moderately and in accordance with the level and quality of service provided – and only if you are satisfied with that service. Some countries do not accept US$ bills dated before the year 2000, due to suspicions of counterfeiting. More About Us. When on safari humans are just guests in animals home and should act accordingly. The urge to get up, wave your arms, and yell is not something we would ever recommend. kurz vor Sonnenuntergang. However, if you’ve done a safari, truly can not afford a guide or just REALLY want to do your own Safari, there are lots of ways to do a safari on a budget. We are headed to Southern Africa in ten weeks and have no clue about clothing…etc. Carry your  cash  (plus passport and other travel documents) in a money pouch hidden under your shirt. A number of mobile safari operators have inverters in their vehicles, so you can charge your camera/video batteries on the move. Bear in mind that what may seem like an inconsequential amount to you may be significant to local African staff and will certainly be received with a display of gratitude that is genuinely humbling. Carry your cash (plus passport and other travel … Or in other words a “sundowner.” Are you familiar with the term sundowner? That doesn’t mean you need to go full blown leopard print or get a monocle, but it does mean wearing clothes that are appropriate to the safari environment. There are a lot of different aspects to consider when learning how to take pictures on safari. We hope these 10 Travel Tips have been helpful to you. Drink bottled water. This only encourages dependency on such generosity and teaches these children that begging brings reward. F (Schuko plug)  :  Two-prong round (with 2 x earth contacts) There are often camping sites or cabins right off the reserves to stay in and shops nearby for food, making the DIY option easy for people wanting to design their own adventure and keep costs down as well. In the winter months (June to October), the game reserves can be extremely dusty. If your phone is a dual or tri-band GSM phone it will work just fine. And “now-now” actually means now – the moment. We don’t travel without travel insurance and neither should you. Der Fahrer ist für das Aufspüren der Tiere zuständig. The United States Dollar remains the most widely accepted, followed by the Euro and Sterling. At SafariBookings, we know this only too well. Here’s how we suggest mitigating the health risks of both. Keep a close watch on your personal bags when walking in crowded areas (airports, markets, restaurants and on the street). A good guide is responsible, knows his or her safari animals, has ample knowledge of the bush, and many times has grown up in the environment he/she works in. By continuing to browse through this website you agree to our use of cookies. Safari muß nicht in Afrika sein. Safaris, Madagascar They are switched on all the time and answer all your questions that they have without a doubt been asked over hundreds of times. Get some shut eye. Tips for Tipping on African Safaris - who & how to tip in Africa Er begleitet Sie von Beginn an und bringt Sie sicher in die Nationalparks, durchquert Flüsse oder fährt in Gegenden, wo … Tips can be paid in US dollars or local currency. So take the same precautions while travelling in Africa on safari that you would in any major city at home: Do not carry large sums of cash (see below for more information on Cash, Credit Cards & ATM’s). Most establishments accept international credit cards. Machen Sie mit Aufsafari.de eine Safari During this time he established a passion for conservation and environmental sustainability. Mozambique  :  C, F, & M There’s also the argument that you can wear whatever you want for safari clothes since you’ll be in a car, that is unless you’re going on bush walks when you don’t want the animals spotting any odd colors! A very important Travel Tip relates to money. If you’d like to learn more visit the about us page. You never know what can happen in a foreign country and it’s best to be prepared. Anthony is a photographer and writer for travel magazines and Lonely Planet, including the guides to Kenya and Botswana & Namibia. Clean camera and video lenses regularly and store in a camera bag, while on safari. 9 Tipps für eine unvergessliche Safari in Südafrika Eine Safari in Südafrika ist wunderbar. Zimbabwe  :  D & G. Not all safari camps and lodges have electrical outlets in the tents/rooms but they always have a place where you can recharge your camera/video and phone/iPod batteries. It had long…, Deciding on the best place to go on safari can be a difficult decision. Morgens und Abends dagegen ist das Licht weich und warm und golden. driving ourselves around the wilds of Africa. Carry a bottle of water with you at all times – including on transfers between camps. All will require an adaptor plug! You are always safe drinking the bottled water that is readily available at all the camps and lodges. That being said the majority of safari lodges are exceptional at taking the proper hygienic steps when it comes to preparing food. Many visitors to Africa feel a strong urge to help the less fortunate whom they encounter on safari, or when visiting a local village or school. Safari-Tipps für eine Afrika Reise im Januar Published by Elela Africa at 19. If the money traders are legitimate, they will not be offended! If you spend a great deal of time with a single guide, consider increasing the above amounts in accordance with the enthusiasm and effort displayed (or your overall satisfaction level). This is why most safari days consist of two game drives, a morning one and an evening one. VISA has the best coverage in Africa. Communications are sometimes only available via HF radio. I may be guilty of wanting to know it all, but showing some curiosity creates for a better safari and will probably make your guide happy. Neben urbanen Metropolen wie Kapstadt und Weltwundern It’s best to go into your safari not expecting connection. Night Photography In Namibia A once in a lifetime photo safari isn’t complete without a diverse set of photographic memories. Tours, Ethiopia Take it easy on your stomach. Bring some sunblock and a hat! However, we’ve met many a traveler who have stomach issues eating the same food we do.

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