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All images (when not stated otherwise) by Theresa Locker. But it's clear that one of Shiny's darknet profiles  was repeatedly visible online long after his arrest. If he's prosecuted as an adult, he faces up to 15 years in prison. Instead, the Leipzig Police contacted property management and surveilled a totally innocent individual for over a week. While the authorities continue trying to auction off the 1,197 bitcoins seized from his 10 wallets, his lawyer, Stefan Costabel, is pouring over the many boxes of investigation files, preparing for what may be his hardest defense ever. The police have already been watching for a long time when the pair meet up on the two-lane road in front of the apartment building. Ein 20-Jähriger hatte die Drogen gehortet, um sie über den Webversand "Shiny Flakes" gewinnbringend zu verkaufen. Faced with an overwhelming amount of evidence against him, Moritz's chances in court aren't looking too good, although he has retained the experienced defense attorney, Stefan Costabel. He has a high school diploma but no higher education. A custom pose from the excited spokesperson for the police at the press conference. Tatvorwurf ist jeweils ein Verstoß gegen das BtMG , genauer: Erwerb von Betäubungsmittel oder gar Handeltreiben mit Betäubungsmitteln. Georg*, 51, drives up to a young man's apartment in the north of Leipzig, Germany, on February 26th, 2015. Instead of spending his time worrying about Bitcoin transactions, supply-side issues, bagging out crystal, and paranoid customers' vitriol, Moritz now can enjoy the leisure of incarceration: Different leisure activities on offer at the detention center in Leipzig. We will continue to report on the trial as it unfolds. "The police can make hundreds of mistakes. It was one of the biggest drug busts in German history. His competition also had him in their sights, especially over the last year. ", DHL logistics hubs in Saxony like this one in Radeberg are the nodal points that the majority of Shiny Flakes' domestic and probably also international deliveries passed through. La strana carriera di Shiny Flakes si è conclusa con la confisca di 4.1 milioni di euro di droga dalla casa di sua madre. Press Image: Deutsche Post AG. ​, Responding to the authorities' proud claim that they're now basically able to do crackdowns within the darknet, Chris*—another darknet dealer who's known the accused for over a year—assuredly explains, "I don't believe that. Another thing that stood out to investigators was the routine nature of his deliveries. In Leipzig soll ein 20-Jähriger mittels der Webseite „Shiny Flakes“ Drogen über das Internet verkauft haben. Und in etwa vier Jahren dürfte der „Shiny-Flakes“-Dealer bei guter Führung auch schon wieder frei sein. The depots served merely as dead drops; often, the packages were addressed to someone other than the person who picked them up, with a second bogus party listed as the return address. However, his arrest will barely put a dent into dealing over the darknet. Before he withdrew from the outside world, Maximilian pursued another career involving customer service. In the presentation that follows, the police portray themselves like they're on an episode of Crimewatch. Während eines Freigangs – S. ist nach wie vor in Haft – war er am Kölner After the police became suspicious of a package with insufficient postage on it, all they had to do was keep an eye out for more packages of the same size with the various stamps and return addresses. Maximilian was a busy young man who planned his operations meticulously and was adequately equipped for comprehensive trade in narcotics worldwide. Seit Ende Februar 2015 müssen alle Kunden von Shiny Flakes bangen. A mysterious post on Shiny Flakes' dealer profile on another darknet black market now appears to be a kind of prophecy: "Dealers, run for your lives.". Maximilian did not even own a pocket knife. More than a dozen cell phones and more than two dozen SIM cards were discovered in his room, demonstrating a high amount of effort put into logistics and organization, which continuously grew as the volume of his business did—allegedly hitting 4.1 million euros revenue per year as of February 2015. Ein … Using one for two years, the way Shiny did, is simply too long. Der 20-Jährige befand sich im … Press photo: Deutsche Post AG. Additionally, the police disclosed how much he made with his business. ", He also added that, in the end, it looks like Moritz became either too greedy or too sloppy: "I would never use the same username for more than a year, even if it is practical and appealing. Only a month prior to the seizure they had no idea who they were actually looking for, then imagine: They're standing in a 20-year-old's bedroom that's packed to the brim with drugs with a text document open on his laptop giving them access to all of his accounts. Maximilian S. verkaufte unter dem Namen "Shiny Flakes" von Leipzig aus große Mengen Rauschgift über das Netz. It's very probable that Dutchmaster was one of Shiny's suppliers. The presser consisted of a few speeches—from Leipzig police officers and city prosecutors—and then the bigger presentation of the seized drugs, which are still concealed under tablecloths. ", "How am I supposed to picture this?" He seems to have been especially diligent about securing the door to his room—to this day the defendant claims that his mother and stepfather knew nothing about his profitable startup because he would fortify himself in his room whenever he was conducting business. Maximilian is accused of dealing at least 914 kilograms of drugs worldwide over a period of 14 months. To hand over kilos of drugs. The police proudly present the confiscated goods: 50,000 hits of LSD, among others. "But if I, the dealer, make a mistake, then it's deadly.". Der „Kinderzimmer-Dealer“ sitzt mit knallroten Ohren auf der Anklagebank im Landgericht Leipzig und legt ein Geständnis ab. We are now able to trace how the seizure was executed thanks to new information provided exclusively to Motherboard Germany. At the press conference, the police also claim to have seized 325,000 euros in Bitcoin and additionally claim to have "obtained active data from the darknet." Maximilian allegedly didn't just sell basically all illegal substances (except for heroin), he also dealt in a large variety of prescription drugs. The police say they weren't responsible and they also lack a motive for warning drug dealers about pending search warrants. He operated on the darknet and clearnet, advertised what he was selling openly, and felt safe—as safe as you can feel when you're selling a huge variety of illegal substances globally. The authorities are accordingly proud and refer to it as a "sensation." A screencapture of Shiny Flakes' webshop shortly before it was taken offline. Even though the two dealers respected each other, they ultimately found themselves in a competitive struggle. Press Images: ​Deutsche Post AG. "Since he was an orderly person, he stored it all on shelves," an officer answers. "He wanted to play God," someone family with details of the court case told Motherboard. „ Netflix “ verfilmt die Story um Maximilian S. (23) aus Gohlis, der von seinem Kinderzimmer aus "Then you can launch your barrage of in-depth questions," one officer muttered with hardly disguised disdain. The authorities not only found a neatly laid-out list of deliveries made since December 2013, including notes made on individual orders, they also found a document listing all of the most important logins for running his platforms. Moritz, it's clear by now, tried as hard as he could to keep it a one man operation. However the authorities won't speak to that, except for offering a suggestive, "Maybe.". He was smart enough to know how to set up his online business with the help of Tor without being discovered. The lion's share of his earnings were actually made in the three months leading up to his arrest. On Monday, August 24th, the trial of Maximilian S., the alleged operator of the online drug market Shiny Flakes, began in Leipzig. Moreover, the relevant servers are located abroad. While the authorities continue trying to auction off the 1,197 bitcoins seized from his 10 wallets, his lawyer, Stefan Costabel, is pouring over the many boxes of investigation files, preparing for what may be his hardest defense ever. They also confiscate 48,000 euros in cash and an unbelievable cache of 320 kilos of all sorts of drugs, sorted, and stored on the shelves in Moritz's childhood bedroom. This constituted a surprising explanation for the delayed deliveries that Shiny's customers kept complaining about, which the pseudonymous dealer had attributed to fear mongering among his buyers. He always ordered these taxis using a cell phone he used exclusively for this purpose. Shiny Flakes' original dot com domain happened to be registered anew just one day after the raid at Moritz's mom's place—to a new name and address. Professional Nerds won't be tried as Juveniles. Our research over the past months has shown that investigators didn't get onto Maximilian's trail in the way they purported to do so during a press conference they gave—basically, by using their supposed cybercrime expertise—but rather were able to find him using traditional investigative measures. The DIY drug boss' business had gotten out of hand, at least in recent months. What's more in question is why the police waited so long to take the apartment after arresting the courier. It was the culmination of an unprecedented career in drug dealing, which in less than two years turned the 20-year-old Mortiz* into one of the biggest online dealers in Germany, according to police. Bei einer Wohnungsdurchsuchung der elterlichen Wohnung fanden die Fahnder Drogen im Werte von rund 4 Millionen Ach, übrigens: Maximilian S. aka. So the police asked 23 post offices around Germany for similar instances and assessed the data they received. This was when he began the clandestine setup of distribution channels for his steadily growing drug business. Whether of all things a hacking attack could have hindered the police from reading older, encrypted emails from Shiny's .com-domain, is as of yet unclear. The starting point for the authorities' investigation was a package with insufficient postage that didn't find its way back to the (nonexistent) sender and was opened at some point. An innocent resident of the same apartment building was also also observed, even though the police already had taken a picture of Maximilian. It's certain that Maximilian, should he be guilty of running Shiny Flakes, nonetheless operated with caution and sophistication for a long time and safeguarded himself in many respects. Neue Netflix-Serie: "Shiny Flakes" und die Drogen aus dem Kinderzimmer Ein Schüler verkauft aus seinem Kinderzimmer übers Internet Drogen und verdient Millionen.

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